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August 25, 2006 at 4:15 pm (Albums, chicken noodle soup, Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape, random, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

Maybe its because its the last weekend of August and essentially the last of the Summer but I can’t remember another weekend when there was so much going on. So tonight Troubled Minds have a party at 333 with Radioclit, Matthew WOWOW, TapeDeck, Adventure Playground (live) and a million other people – check the full line up on they’re myspace. Adventure Playground are three dudes from LDN that make noisy guitar based electro hip hop punk. I fucking love them and you should defo cop these tunes but remember they’re demo’s from myspace.

Adventure Playground – All Things To All Lads

Adventure Playground – For My Gs

Adventure Playground – Town Mouse Country Mouse

Mystery Jets – Diamonds In The Dark (tapedeck RMX)

Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tobaco (Radioclit Remix)

I also wanted to post these tunes that I discovered through the Radioclit podcast.

Serge Gainsbourg – New York USA

Cornelis Vreeswijk – Hur Var Skugga

Dayums both of those tunes are sooo dope. And also Big Ups to Yohanclit for reminding me how amazing Toumani Diabate is. Amazon has the album here

Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabeté – Hawa Dolo

Friday is only the appetiser – Saturday is where the shit really kicks off. First off is Adventures In The Beetroot Field at the Lock Tavern with Absentee, Hot Club De Paris and Semifinalists with your DJ hosts Mr Casper Fluokid and the Skull Juice boys. Cop some mixtapes.

Casper Clark – Walk The Night (Electro By Numbers) Mix

Skull Juice – Serious Fun Mix

Then its off to the TDK Cross Central festival to see our chums People Are Germs, Young Blood Brass Band and Spank Rock. There’s a million more people playing – check here for the full line up.

Young Blood Brass Band – Pastime Paradise (Stevie Wonder Cover)

Young Blood Brass Band – Camoflage (live in Munich)

Young Blood Brass Band – Headbanger (live)

Spank Rock – Voila Track 1

Get the Young Blood album here and Spank Rock here Sorry but Viola sold out time ago but you should defo go check Money Studies they’re shit is tight.

If you’re still standing after this then Teens Of Thailand have a fuck off huge all night party with Hot Chip, Radioclit, Sinden, Our Disco DJs, Matthew WOWOW, Mr Casper Fluokid, Kev from Lost Penguin and even the lovely Boom Boom Boom girls.

Rick Ross – Hustlin’ (Sinden B’more Mix)

Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tobaco (Sinden Remix)

This would all be fine but you may have forgotten that its a long weekend and there are still two whole days of CARNIVAL mashup left – I’m not even gonna attempt to list who is playing – come Tuesday LDN is just gonne be one huge fucking smoking crater!!!



  1. Monkey Bastard said,

    FYI, that Cornelis Vreeswijk song is called “Märk Hur Vår Skugga”.


  2. will said,

    hey, can you re-post the adventure playground songs? been dying to hear them for a while. x

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