Beat Generation

August 24, 2006 at 1:21 am (chicken noodle soup, Classics, Future Classic, random, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

So Jay Dee’s first posthumous release was a couple of days ago. The Shining which I haven’t heard but features a whole host of dope MCs. Its released on BBE and his first album for them made the whole Beat Generation series known. A lesser known cut is ‘The Beat Generation’ by Tha 4orce. I think it was only released on a 12″ but its a really good tune. He kind of dissapeared after its release but I’m sure I saw something about a new album somewhere.

Tha 4orce – The Beat Generation

Cop Tha 4orce ‘Mind The Gap Anthems’ from CD Baby here and Dilla’s new album from Other Music here

So Plastic Little hail from Philly and make some really nice beatsy hip hop and the best thing is that they’re the first people I’ve ever heard sample PJ Harvey. The King Honey remix is a proper club banger that samples a tune that I can’t recollect at the moment.

Plastic Little – Hey Bitches! (King Honey Remix)

Plastic Little ft. Spank Rock & Diplo – Now I Holler

Cop some tunes and pre-order the album from their site here

Anyone up for ESG meets The Slits produced by Liquid Liquid???? Well if you are then you’ll love Ebony Bones – I haven’t seen her yet but she has a gig at the Old Blue Last on Friday and I intend to be there.

Ebony Bones – Don’t Fart On My Heart

Ebony Bones – I’m Ur Future X-Wife

Friend her up on myspace here to find out more gigs and whe tunes will be released.

And last but by no means least I have a new tune from Red Setter AKA Dom who used to sing for Bronze Age Fox. Its a beautiful little hip waggler of a tune entitled B.O.P.O.T.M which roughly translates as Birds Of Pray On The Motorway. I fucking love Dom’s voice and he’s always had this irreverant but beautiful lyrical style – just wicked.

Red Setter – B.O.P.O.T.M

Head over to Mr Setter’s myspace here for more downloads and to be his friend.


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