Mixtape Monday 5.1

August 21, 2006 at 5:02 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

So this is only half of this week’s Mixtape Monday but the tinternet in my ‘office’ is way slow today so there’ll be another installment tomorrow or later today. To start things off we’ve got one of the all time great mixes ever. David Holmes’ Essential Mix from 1997 – I moved to university about the same time this came out and spent the next couple of years hunting down all the tracks so I could play this set out – I almost managed it but there’s a couple of tunes I could never find – anyway this is some seriously good funk and one of the best Essential Mixes ever. The Caps And Jones mix is a recent one of theirs and its wicked as ever. Plenty of B’more, hip hop, disco and electro although the stand out track has to be Nightcrawlers Push The Feeling On – this tune is just amazing

David Holmes – Essential Mix 1997

Caps And Jones – Smokey Shuffle Mix

Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On

Head over to Caps And Jones’ myspace to download and buy some more mixes. Get over to Juno to purchase the Nightcrawlers 12″ here and David Holmes is all over itunes.



  1. dalston shopper said,

    dude, like usual I’m loving your blog. But what’s up with myspace limiting all downloads to 96kpbs? I am doing a new night next Wednesday, Aug. 30, at Catch in which I was planning to just play new band sounds like the lovely stuff on your blog, but now I’m not sure as I’m f*cked with the stupid myspace. I think it’s terrible because people often can’t really learn to like a song unless the quality is decent.

  2. grumblemouse said,

    Oh cool – ‘ll have to try and swing by to your night.

    I hadn’t noticed about the myspace thing but yeah it does suck although I guess if they uploaded anything higher then myspace might get eeeevvveeennn slooooooooowweer. Also I guess it encourages people to go out and buy the real thing.

    Casper from Fluokids has started a night at the Lock Tavern called Bloggers Delight – check it here http://www.myspace.com/bloggersdelight

  3. dalston shopper said,

    yeah, I’m going to check that out and Casper is djing with me at Catch on Aug. 30 also. I will send you an e-flyer in the next day or so with details so you can promo a bit if you don’t mind 🙂

  4. grumblemouse said,

    sweet – well I’ll defo be down

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