Upside Down Stupid Silly Fresh Tunes

August 16, 2006 at 1:10 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Summer Banger!!!)

So yesterday I was sifting through the tinterweb and came across the new single by Trost. Now I’ve never heard of her before but supposedly she was involved with Atari Teenage Riot and set up Cobra Killer. Now these are all electro punk bands but as soon as I heard In Desium Raum I was like oi! this is pure Voodoo Soul. Now I know this usually is used to refer to dirty new orleans funk but when I was about 18 we used to go to this club that was in an old wine cellar and they used to play all sorts of deep funk and psychedelia. They used to be over enthusiastic with the smoke machine and we seriously used to dance ourselves silly. Anyway at the same time I discovered the David Holmes album Bow Down To The Exit Sign. The album was ok but one of the tunes was just fucking rediculous and seemed to encapsulate the term Voodoo Soul so well – you can just picture the video to this being made up of all Gospel women passing out and whirling dervishes and stuff.

Trost – In Desium Raum

David Holmes – Living Room

You can purchase the new Trost album David Holmes stuff from itunes – check Trost on myspace

Hailing from the same town as Los Campesinos, Cardiff, Wales – Yossarian are a really rather good band who maybe sound a little like Explosions In The Sky fronted by Morrissey. The songs are beautifully simple stories about wanting to cuddle a girl or trying to get milk to make tea the morning after being out partying and realising that perhaps you’re invinsible because you have no hangover. If I’d studied English Language perhaps I’d be able to make some interesting statement about the gramatical similarities between Yossarian, Los Campesinos and The Long Blondes but instead just cop these tunes and befriend them on myspace.

Yossarian – Invincible

Yossarian – Koala

There’s more tunes on their myspace and if you ask them nicely they’ll send you a CD of tunes aswell.


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  1. Klee « Upside Down Stupid Hat said,

    […] Klee hail from Cologne, Germany and make lovely twee schmindie / electro pop. ‘Unsere Liebe’ sounds just like Camera Obscura or perhaps that ‘New Friend’ tune by The Concretes but in German. Gold is a much more up tempo pop electro tune. I guess if they didn’t sing in German there wouldn’t be much to write home about but since that Trost record I just love German vocals. […]

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