I Love Tuesdays – Check Yo’ Ponytail

August 15, 2006 at 3:35 pm (Future Classic, Live Vicariously, Songs)

Check Yo’ Ponytail is a weekly party hosted by iheartcomix , Love Yourself Records, White Trash Charms and Viva La Rock at a place called Safari Sam’s on Sunset in LA. Now what does it take to make a good party? Good music? Hot people? Great bands? Free booze? Well for me its more about the music and I guess free booze never hurt anyone and hot girls is ok, anyway DJ’s Franki Chan and Brookie D play all sorts of dancefloor indie disco treats to hot girls drinking free beer and they always have great bands. Tonight is Little Wolverines and Moonrats. I really like the Moonrats stuff I’ve heard although I find it really difficult to describe. Their recent songs have been recorded by Ryan Hadlock who has also recorded Rilo Kiley and The Strokes. Anyway you should cop these tunes and check out their myspazz.

Moonrats – Mansion

Moonrats – Goodbye Baby

Oh they also have free icecreams from HeartsChallenger who have beautiful love story on their site and then when you get home you can check it all out on Shadow Scene and relive the party. Isn’t life wonderful sometimes.


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