Saturday Spacek

August 12, 2006 at 6:43 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Summer Banger!!!)

So I was checking on Spacek’s myspace and found this quote which I think sums them up perfectly. ‘Spacek’s magic won’t jump up and slap you in the face, but once you’ve seen the light, you can’t do without it’. Now I remember Steve Spacek’s Dollar passing me by a couple of times before I completely fell in love with it and it took a couple of listens to completely get into I Miss U – I think I prefer Steve’s vocals over Rafael but that’ just me

Steve Spacek – Dollar

Morgan Spacek ft Rafael Saadiq – I Miss U

You can buy more Steve Spacek and plenty of other amazing tunes over at Sound In Color’s own store here

In other news I finally started reading The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. Its really interesting about the way that the internet has changed the model of distribution for things like music so that companies can make real profit from low selling artists. This can only be a good thing because essentially it means that smaller artists should be able to get more coverage through online retail. Anyway I’ve only just started the book but another interesting thing is that Chris set up a blog while he wrote the book not only to promote the book but also to discuss with people and help formulate certain ideas. I really like this idea and Neil Boorman (he who edited Sleazenation and set up the amazing Shoredtich Twat zine) has done the same. Bonfire Of The Brands is going to be a book about him burning all of his branded items and attempting to live a non branded lifestyle – super interesting and the blog is a must. Oh and head over to Discobelle, seriously these guys kill me, everytime you go there its like Christmas – too much good stuff.


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