Long Post With Amazing Tunes

August 4, 2006 at 11:08 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Grumble Grumble, random, Songs)

So here I sit on a Friday night in Shoreditch with a peanut butter and marmite sandwich and a cup of tea. Rock and fucking roll. I went to see The Long Blondes this evening at the Tate Britain. All of the tickets to stand inside the ‘pen’ were gone so I watched from the otherside of a barrier which was alright. You couldn’t see them and the sound was shit but somehow they totally played through it and played my two favorite tunes. They’re signed to Rough Trade so at a guess I’d say they stock the new single in the shop.

The Long Blondes – Once And Never Again

The Long Blondes – Fulwood Babylon

They have such great lyrics and also the sentiment of the songs is so honest and true. I absolutely love them and I hope you do to. So last night I went to Help The Jaded at The Fly and saw Jack Penate playing rekkids – its was fucking wicked and he banged a bunch of quality hip hop, classic dancehall and some nice 60’s beat stuff. Anyway so I checked his myspace and the tunes are fucking wicked – very fresh in that Guillemots way but more indie ska. Big tings a gwan with this guy I predict.

Jack Penate – Torn On The Platform

Jack Penate – Learning Lines

Then this morning I was checking in on Riffmarket which is Nick Sylvester’s new blog. His old one was called Riffcentral and it was so good – he used to do fake interviews with people like Diplo or Animal Collective and make them come across as idoits. He used to write for the Village Voice but got kicked out over some shit, check Riffcentral for the final interview which has The Game interviewing Nick! So anyway he was dissing Coolfer and I headed over there and saw that Kemado had signed some band called Danava. Now I really like Kemado so I went to the bands myspace and grabbed a couple of tunes:

Danava – Quiet Baby’s Astray In A Manger

Danava – Jack

Whilst listening to the tunes (proggy old school metal) I was checking through their comments and saw one from Glass Candy saying that production on one of the tracks was almost done and how Chromatics had done a rap remix or something. Hmmm maybe Glass Candy are producing the record?. So I went to check out Chromatic’s myspace and downloaded the most beautiful song I’ve heard in ages. Just a little click track and some piano and this hushed voice singing about someone crying themselves to sleep. Beware – unless you are in a stable emotional state don’t listen to this.

Chromatics – Baby

So I was listening to this tune on repeat whilst standing by the Thames waiting to meet some friends for the Long Blondes gig and thinking about how amazing myspace and the tinternet is for finding new bands and I remembered something that I’ve been meaning to post for a while. Gym Class Heroes are an indie hip hop band from NY. Its roughly in the same vein as Cage, nice lyrics and delivery but its the subject of one of their tunes that really got me. New Friend Request is a story about how he meets some girl on myspace and she’s not reciprocating much but it really got me thinking about how many people can really relate to hip hop lyrics. Most people don’t live in the ghetto on the grind shifting kilos busting gats and pimpin hoes yet we all love it. What I love about this tune is lyrics like ‘checked my inbox 6 times and ain’t nuthin’ or ‘all I got is this powerbook and ichat, besides I hit you all the time but you never write back’ – genius and actually really good.

Gym Class Heroes – New Friend Request

Anyway that tune really reminds me of this other tune I’ve been banging for ages. Ayentee also sounds like Cage but the tune’s really good, lots of strings – check it.

Ayentee – 99% Peasant

Oh and Casper C has got a new mix up which you must get over at Fluokids. Absolutely wicked and now I have a reason to post that 187 Lockdown tune that I’ve been sitting on. SPEED GARAGE WOOOOOOOOOT!

187 Lockdown – Gunman

Right that should be enough for now – laters.



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