What’s In A Name

August 2, 2006 at 11:17 pm (Future Classic, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!)

So about a year ago I was booking some DJ’s for Resfest and really wanted to book Radioclit for a party in Glasgow but everyone was all like ‘dude you can’t, what am I gonna say to my mum – oh hey mum just putting on a show for Radioclit!’ We booked them and the party was obviously wicked and I guess we just didn’t tell our mums. Imagine my joy when listening to mypod on shuffle Cuntlickers Radio No 8 comes on. I was straight on the phone ‘dude I’ve got the best DJ’s for this year’s festival……’ I haven’t got a clue who these guys are but they’re French and the mixes are actually really rather good – I’m not really into posting tracklistings but will make an exception this time.

DJ Scott La Rock – Blastmaster K.R.S. One and D-NICE – The Bridge is Over
DJ Scott La Rock – Blastmaster K.R.S. One and D-NICE – South Bronx
The Roots – Don’t Feel Right
T.I. – Why You Wanna
The Human League – Don’t You Want Me
Gary Numan – Cars
Tekilatex – Electronic
Yuksek – Everywhere In Town
Tacteel – Bologne
Surkin – Kiss and Fly
Tekilatex – Disco Dance With You (Para One remix)
Daft Punk – Prime Time Of Your Life (Para One remix)
I Love UFO – Wish (Aysam remix)
You can get this mix and a bunch of others that are amazing here and you can also podcast them.

Speaking of Radioclit, Resfest are having a party on Thursday 10th August at Bloomsbury Bowling which is FREE. The line up is super nice; Radioclit Vs Graeme Sinden and then Casper from Fluokids, me AKA Grumblemouse and Toby who I don’t think has a stupid DJ name but he manages The Dolly Daggers who are amazing and you can check them out here.


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  1. apehike said,

    liking the blog… isn’t everyone managing the dolly daggers these days?

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