London Aint So Bad After All

August 29, 2006 at 11:45 pm (Blogs, Crosby, Future Classic, Summer Banger!!!)

So LDN was never my favorite Lily Allen tune, for a start there a plenty of other places I can think of being LA, NY, Tokyo, Norway – granted LDN is wicked in the summer but still – anyway Knock ‘Em Out is just a way better tune. Anyway it turns out that LDN ‘aint so bad after all and all it took was a little Radioclit refix. This tune is a certified banger – its got all those Crunky horn parps near the beginning, then it gets all four four on the choruses and then when Lily starts naming random places in London there’s a wicked rhodes organ following her about – nang.

Lily allen – LDN (Radioclit Remix)

Don’t forget to be friends with Radioclit on myspazz here and to get all their podcasts here and to buy Lily’s album from her site here.

The parpy horns remind me of this tune from Skeet Spirit: A Crunk Tribute To Radiohead – I don’t know much about Radiohead to be honest but I can’t hear any in this tune – wicked tune anyway.

DJ Gyngyvytus – Skeet Spirit

Cop the rest of the tunes from this EP for free here

Oh and just to let you know – you’ll probably be able to hear this tune banged loud tomorrow night at Catch on Kingsland Rd as Casper Fluokids, Skull Juice and Dalston Oxfam Shop will be playing tunes that they grabbed from Myspace and MP3 blogs – nice nice.


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Split Single – The Far Cries / Popular Workshop

August 29, 2006 at 5:41 pm (Future Classic, Songs)

It could be that this weekend’s fun has diminished my writing ability or perhaps that I’m not really a journo and actually don’t really have any writing ability to diminish in the first place but I’m finding it really difficult to describe the two tunes that feature on the upcoming split single from London bands The Far Cries and Popular Workshop. So they’re both uptempo guitar based bands but I wouldn’t say punk funk (which I don’t like as a genre name although I have used it in the past). The The Far Cries tune has quite a staccato drum style similair to that of Bloc Party and that melodic mutli vocal chorus or is it a middle 8 – I don’t fucking know but they don’t really sound like Bloc Party and have been mentioned in the same breath as Nirvana and the The Kills! The Popular Workshop tune starts with some fast drumming and heavy riffs that could be mistaken for Placebo or perhaps The Go! Team but then in comes some angular lead guitar and the tune turns into something completely different. Both tunes are fast and heavy but also very catchy – the sort of tunes that will have every skinny jean teen at your local indie disco pogoing (is that a word?) his / her ass off.

The Far Cries – When Your Heart Spills

Popular Workshop – Sean

The single will be released as a Ltd 7″ on Tiger Trap Records and is released on Sept 4th – you defo wanna get a copy of this as they’re obviously both going to go on to great things. Check their myspazz’s (The Far Cries and Popular Workshop) for gig listings, to tell them how much you love them and for more downloads. I reckon your best bet for copping one of the 7″s is Rough Trade.

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Mixtape Monday 6.2

August 28, 2006 at 4:44 pm (Mixtape)

Better get yo ass over to Discobelle who has a bunch of mixes from Ayres and Catchdubs. Also Slutty Fringe has some good mixes up by Hot Chip and Recloose. Also much love to Blentwell where everyday of the week is Mixtape Monday.

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Mixtape Monday 6

August 28, 2006 at 4:20 pm (Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!)

So this weekend was wicked, Big Ups to Youngblood Brass Band, Spank Rock and People Are Germs who rocked TDK. Also Big Ups to Lost Penguin who’s show last night was amazing as ever. Last Night’s Party went down to the Troubled Minds gig which I missed and you can check the photos here. Cobra Snake is also in town at the moment – perhaps there’s a party photographer convention!!

There’s not really any theme to todays Mixtape Monday – I got this Curtis Vodka mix the other day and can’t stop playing it. Its a live set I think from a club called Caviar in Gothenburg – the party must have been insane. I copped this DJ Ayres and Cosmo Baker mix recently – super good disco. At carnival yesterday I got given this Lupe Fiasco mix – the mix isn’t that amazing but the tunes are.

Curtis Vodka – Caviar Gothenburg Mix

DJ Ayres and Cosmo Baker – Baby Loves Disco

DJ Envy Presents Lupe Fiasco As Chi Town Guevara Mixtape

You can purchase some Vodka stuff from Flamin Hotz and both Ayres and Cosmo Baker have stores on their sites. The Lupe album isn’t out yet but it will be available everywhere when it comes out.

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Strange Games

August 26, 2006 at 3:45 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Summer Banger!!!)

So the other day Bumrocks posted one of my favorite tunes Stange Games and Things by Love Unlimited Orchestra – its so beautiful. I’ve got a couple of compilations called Natural High – its all smooth west coast soul and rare groove from the 70’s but then there’s a tune called Stange Funky Games and Things by Jay Dee – I can never work out whether it was THE Jay Dee – I guess it must be but surely he wasn’t making tunes back then! Anyway its beautiful and also reminds me of Marc Mac’s cover of Ike’s Mood by Isaac HayesMarc Mac is a fucking genius and the closest the UK has to a Jay Dee – 4hero are responsible for some of the most important jungle tunes and their later albums are just great – you should have them all. On volume 3 of the Natural High series is my favorite from the whole series – Leon Ware – That’s What I came To Californa – fucking amazing saturday tune.

Jay Dee – Strange Funky Games And Things

Marc Mac – Ike’s Mood I

Leon Ware – That’s Why I Came to California

Amazon has both Natural High Vol 1 and Natural High Vol 3. Cop Marc Mac’s album Dirty Old Hip Hop from emusic here.

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Weekend Of Weekends Post Of Posts

August 25, 2006 at 4:15 pm (Albums, chicken noodle soup, Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape, random, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

Maybe its because its the last weekend of August and essentially the last of the Summer but I can’t remember another weekend when there was so much going on. So tonight Troubled Minds have a party at 333 with Radioclit, Matthew WOWOW, TapeDeck, Adventure Playground (live) and a million other people – check the full line up on they’re myspace. Adventure Playground are three dudes from LDN that make noisy guitar based electro hip hop punk. I fucking love them and you should defo cop these tunes but remember they’re demo’s from myspace.

Adventure Playground – All Things To All Lads

Adventure Playground – For My Gs

Adventure Playground – Town Mouse Country Mouse

Mystery Jets – Diamonds In The Dark (tapedeck RMX)

Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tobaco (Radioclit Remix)

I also wanted to post these tunes that I discovered through the Radioclit podcast.

Serge Gainsbourg – New York USA

Cornelis Vreeswijk – Hur Var Skugga

Dayums both of those tunes are sooo dope. And also Big Ups to Yohanclit for reminding me how amazing Toumani Diabate is. Amazon has the album here

Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabeté – Hawa Dolo

Friday is only the appetiser – Saturday is where the shit really kicks off. First off is Adventures In The Beetroot Field at the Lock Tavern with Absentee, Hot Club De Paris and Semifinalists with your DJ hosts Mr Casper Fluokid and the Skull Juice boys. Cop some mixtapes.

Casper Clark – Walk The Night (Electro By Numbers) Mix

Skull Juice – Serious Fun Mix

Then its off to the TDK Cross Central festival to see our chums People Are Germs, Young Blood Brass Band and Spank Rock. There’s a million more people playing – check here for the full line up.

Young Blood Brass Band – Pastime Paradise (Stevie Wonder Cover)

Young Blood Brass Band – Camoflage (live in Munich)

Young Blood Brass Band – Headbanger (live)

Spank Rock – Voila Track 1

Get the Young Blood album here and Spank Rock here Sorry but Viola sold out time ago but you should defo go check Money Studies they’re shit is tight.

If you’re still standing after this then Teens Of Thailand have a fuck off huge all night party with Hot Chip, Radioclit, Sinden, Our Disco DJs, Matthew WOWOW, Mr Casper Fluokid, Kev from Lost Penguin and even the lovely Boom Boom Boom girls.

Rick Ross – Hustlin’ (Sinden B’more Mix)

Bonde Do Role – Melo Do Tobaco (Sinden Remix)

This would all be fine but you may have forgotten that its a long weekend and there are still two whole days of CARNIVAL mashup left – I’m not even gonna attempt to list who is playing – come Tuesday LDN is just gonne be one huge fucking smoking crater!!!

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This One Goes Out To The One I Love

August 25, 2006 at 1:06 am (books, Songs)

So I was checking over at Sterogum today and he’s got a review of the Bookeaters event that featured Sufjan, David Byrne, Dave Eggers and Jon Stewart. Anyway I reminded me how much I love Sufjan so here’s my two faves.

Sufjan Stevens – The Dress Looks Nice On You

Sufjan Stevens – The One I Love (REM Cover Live @ SXSW)

You can cop Seven Swans by Sufjan from emusic here and go get some Eggers from Mcsweeny’s here. As a treat here is an excerpt from my favorite Eggers project when he sent all the letters to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies as a dog – ahahahhaahha

‘Oh, I’m a fast dog. I’m fast-fast. It’s true and I love being fast I admit it I love it. You know fast dogs. Dogs that just run by and you say ‘Damn! That’s a fast dog!’ Well, that’s me. A fast dog. Hooooooooo! I’m a fast fast dog. Hoooooooooooooooo! You should watch me sometime. Just watch how fast I go when I’m going my fastest, when I’ve really got to move for something, when I’m really on my way — man do I get going sometimes, weaving like a missile, weaving like a missile between trees and around bushes and then — pop! — I can go over a fence or a baby or a rock or anything because I’m a fast fast dog and I can jump like a fucking gazelle.

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Chicken In A Box

August 24, 2006 at 4:20 pm (chicken noodle soup, Classics, random)

All this talk of 1995 got me remembering another tune that ‘ve been meaning to post for a while. I was in Fopp and picked up a Mr Scruff album called Mrs Cruff – its a collection of a lot of his earlier works and things that were only ever released on vinyl. Its still very listenable but not as exciting as I remember it being at the time. My favorite was always Chicken In A Box, the intro was hilarious and I was constantly eating chicken in a bun from Morleys – mmmm sweet chilli sauce.

Mr Scruff – Chicken In A Box

You can buy it from the Ninja Tune shop here

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Grumblemouse Remembers

August 24, 2006 at 1:46 pm (Blogs, chicken noodle soup, Classics, Grumble Grumble, Songs)

So I went to buy a BMX today from some Japanese dude in Hackney – its silver and says Freespirit on it. I headed over to Dalston to grab a lock and as I came out of the shop I realised that I was standing across from none other than THE Dalston Oxfam Shop. Now I’ve been checking that blog for a while now, so I popped in and checked out the CDs (there’s no way I’m copying tapes onto my laptop) and grabbed a couple of nice treats. First up is X-RAY CD2 – X-Ray was a magazine owned by XFM I think and the best and maybe only good thing about the magazine was that it came with a free CD and this one was from the March 2003 issue.

Simian – Never Be Alone (XFM Session)

Interpol – Leif Erikson

Then I came across Rebirth Of Cool Phive which was a compilation series in the nineties (this one from 95) that had all sorts of jazz beat flavors and volume Phive was definatley the best – a very good find for £1.

Jhelisa – Friendly Pressure

Massive Attack – Karmacoma (Portishead Experience)

Kruder & Dorfmeister – Deep Shit Parts 1 & 2

Tricky – Hell Is Round The Corner

Portishead – Revenge Of The Number

Bomb The Bass ft. Justin Warfield – Bug Powder Dust (La Funk Mob Remix)

Paul Weller – Kosmos (Lynch Mob Bonus Beats)

MC Solaar – Nouveau Western

You can cop it from amazon here

So I’m happy today as I have a new bike and also today is my first day on the Hype Machine. I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging recently what with the whole Atlantic dissing Nah, Right? – I have discovered so much music from blogs and using Hypemachine – some stuff I’ve gone and bought and others I haven’t but considering that the average CD purchase per person per year in the UK is something like 2.5 I think I should have some sort of music industry Gold Card as I never spend less than £60 whener I buy tunes. I also have a friend who until he found blogs never really listened to or bought music and now he buys shitloads (and downloads) and DJs all over the place effectively promoting all of these artists. Anyway this rant is a little unformed so I’ll stop but everyone should read Recording Industry Vs The People – its by a couple of lawyers who are pissed at the way the RIAA has been bullying music lovers.Finally I was checking over at Pink Is The New Blog for my daily fix of celeb business and there was a link to one of Kevin Federline’s tunes – now in some interview he recently said “I’m the first white boy bringing the West Coast sound,” he says. “It’s gonna be huge. I’m doing shit not even Eminem does.” I thought I’d better check out the tune – see for youself – I mean of course it was gonna be wack but after reading that and hearing the tune – fucking speechless.

Kevin Federline – Lose Control

Should you have some spare time maybe go and harass him on myspace

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Beat Generation

August 24, 2006 at 1:21 am (chicken noodle soup, Classics, Future Classic, random, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

So Jay Dee’s first posthumous release was a couple of days ago. The Shining which I haven’t heard but features a whole host of dope MCs. Its released on BBE and his first album for them made the whole Beat Generation series known. A lesser known cut is ‘The Beat Generation’ by Tha 4orce. I think it was only released on a 12″ but its a really good tune. He kind of dissapeared after its release but I’m sure I saw something about a new album somewhere.

Tha 4orce – The Beat Generation

Cop Tha 4orce ‘Mind The Gap Anthems’ from CD Baby here and Dilla’s new album from Other Music here

So Plastic Little hail from Philly and make some really nice beatsy hip hop and the best thing is that they’re the first people I’ve ever heard sample PJ Harvey. The King Honey remix is a proper club banger that samples a tune that I can’t recollect at the moment.

Plastic Little – Hey Bitches! (King Honey Remix)

Plastic Little ft. Spank Rock & Diplo – Now I Holler

Cop some tunes and pre-order the album from their site here

Anyone up for ESG meets The Slits produced by Liquid Liquid???? Well if you are then you’ll love Ebony Bones – I haven’t seen her yet but she has a gig at the Old Blue Last on Friday and I intend to be there.

Ebony Bones – Don’t Fart On My Heart

Ebony Bones – I’m Ur Future X-Wife

Friend her up on myspace here to find out more gigs and whe tunes will be released.

And last but by no means least I have a new tune from Red Setter AKA Dom who used to sing for Bronze Age Fox. Its a beautiful little hip waggler of a tune entitled B.O.P.O.T.M which roughly translates as Birds Of Pray On The Motorway. I fucking love Dom’s voice and he’s always had this irreverant but beautiful lyrical style – just wicked.

Red Setter – B.O.P.O.T.M

Head over to Mr Setter’s myspace here for more downloads and to be his friend.

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Chicken Noodle Soup

August 23, 2006 at 2:02 am (chicken noodle soup, Classics, Future Classic, Summer Banger!!!)

So one thing I love about Hip Hop is that its gotten so big that that no one can really agree on what it is or how its supposed to be. Is it Fiddy drawlin on how he got shot, Mr Lif callin out corporate America’s terrorism in the Middle East, or perhaps Uffie letting everyone know that she’s ready to become a woman!! I dunno? I grew up on NWA, 2 Live Crew, Snoop and kids would diss me for not listening to true Hip Hop – the four pillars – I always remember reading that KRS one invented a fifth that was knowledge of self but a quick wiki check says that he cites nine pillars – maybe the fifth was some Five Percent Nation type of thing. Anyway, I guess Hip Hop is about diversity and with diversity comes conlflict or at the very least conflict of interest and so I guess the Chicken Noodle Soup tune is pure hip hop. Not only does it appear to have Harlem on lock and kids going crazy in clubs all over the place but it has everyone getting all hot under the collar. The boards over at SOHH are blowing up with people loving and straight hating, Boston’s Phoenix has a piece on whether or not its racist and don’t even get me started on You Tube. Me, I’m just waiting for a straight B’more refix and I’ll be doing the silly dance all up in the place.

DJ Webstar ft Young B – Chicken Noodle Soup

DJ Webstar ft Young B – Chicken Noodle Soup (Miss Nana Remix)

DJ Webstar ft Young B – Chicken Noodle Soup (DJ A-Million Remix)

I haven’t got a clue who Miss Nana is. DJ A-Million has a myspace here and he produces joints for Def Jam although I don’t know who.

Big Ups to Sinden for pulling my coat to this jawn and also to Discobelle who posted it a while ago. They recently posted about Nah Right getting contacted by Atlantic Records’ lawyers about posting a Lupe Fiasco tune – I’m not gonna go into it here but their response is really well put – check out their response here and support these guys long time.

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Mixtape Monday 5.1

August 21, 2006 at 5:02 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

So this is only half of this week’s Mixtape Monday but the tinternet in my ‘office’ is way slow today so there’ll be another installment tomorrow or later today. To start things off we’ve got one of the all time great mixes ever. David Holmes’ Essential Mix from 1997 – I moved to university about the same time this came out and spent the next couple of years hunting down all the tracks so I could play this set out – I almost managed it but there’s a couple of tunes I could never find – anyway this is some seriously good funk and one of the best Essential Mixes ever. The Caps And Jones mix is a recent one of theirs and its wicked as ever. Plenty of B’more, hip hop, disco and electro although the stand out track has to be Nightcrawlers Push The Feeling On – this tune is just amazing

David Holmes – Essential Mix 1997

Caps And Jones – Smokey Shuffle Mix

Nightcrawlers – Push The Feeling On

Head over to Caps And Jones’ myspace to download and buy some more mixes. Get over to Juno to purchase the Nightcrawlers 12″ here and David Holmes is all over itunes.

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Drums ‘n Keys

August 19, 2006 at 4:03 pm (Albums, Classics, Future Classic, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

Matt and Kim are a two piece that hail from Brooklyn. They seem to aficionados of the loft / house party scene but as of today they’re taking they’re raucous show around the states supporting King Tuff. For a two piece comprising of drums (Kim) and keys (Matt) they have a really full sound and Kim plays the drums in a way that makes you wonder how the fuck she could do that two nights in a row. They’re signed to iheartcomix records and they’re debut, self-titled album should be out in the Fall. Friend them up on myspace and also iheartcomix and that way you’ll know as soon as the album comes out.

From the forthcoming album

Matt and Kim – 5K

Matt and Kim – Yeah Yea

For more tunes and some demos to download check their myspace and their website.

Another tune that I’ve been meaning to post for a while but wanted to post it with the Matt and Kim tunes is Bumps In The Night by Milwaukee three piece Terrior Bute. Their sound is similar to that of Matt and Kim, super catchy, high energy synth pop or is it punk? Anyway you can cop their new album either from their myspace or Vicious Pop Records.

Terrior Bute – Bumps In The Night

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Upside Down Stupid Good New Band

August 18, 2006 at 4:22 pm (Classics, Future Classic)

Big Ups to Cherry Boom! for having a little basment gig party last night. We got there midway through the first band’s set which was some really rather good schmindie rock. After a couple of tunes we were all right up at the front having realised that actually this band is fucking wicked. The singer has a really beautiful and interesting voice and the tunes are great. I never saw the other band playing because Thomas Tantrum were just so good. They’re playing the Macbeth tonight and then at the Plastic Pirates thing on Sunday in Camden.

Thomas Tantrum – ArmChair

Thomas Tantrum – Pshandy

Thomas Tantrum – Trust Rhymes With C….

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Even More Stupid Silly Crazy Fresh Tunes

August 17, 2006 at 8:39 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Mixtape, random, Summer Banger!!!)

So I was checking Analog Giant yesterday and he had some remixes by some dude from Austin called Bird Peterson. Now I’d never heard of him before but I recently got into that track Baba O’Riley after reading some post on Riffmarket. So anyway I checked the tunes out and they’re soooooo good. 2 of them are kinda straight B’more remixes but the Spank Rock is some filthy Timbaland-esque hip hop – fucking dope.

The Who – Baba O’Riley (Bird Peterson Baltimore Wasteland)

The Temptations – Aint Too Proud To Beg (Bird’s Bmore Remix)

Spank Rock – Chilly Will (Bird Peterson Remix)

Anyway the Temptations rinse got me thinking about that Cosmo Baker mix of Papa Was A Rolling Stone, from Motherfucking Remix 2.1, which is fresh.

The Temptations – Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Cosmo Baker Applause Remix)

I got thinking about the Applause riddim and Spragga Benz kills it on this.

Spragga Benz – Run Tings

But my all time favorite riddim is the Showtime riddim – wooooooot, dayums its Carnival next weekend – for all y’all overseas, bang these tunes on, crack open a Red Stripe and get low.

Rayvon & Red Fox – Bashment Party

Bounty Killa – Eagle And The Hawk

Beenie Man – Hypocrite

Wayne Wonder – Searchin Dem Searchin

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Upside Down Stupid Silly Fresh Tunes

August 16, 2006 at 1:10 pm (Classics, Future Classic, Summer Banger!!!)

So yesterday I was sifting through the tinterweb and came across the new single by Trost. Now I’ve never heard of her before but supposedly she was involved with Atari Teenage Riot and set up Cobra Killer. Now these are all electro punk bands but as soon as I heard In Desium Raum I was like oi! this is pure Voodoo Soul. Now I know this usually is used to refer to dirty new orleans funk but when I was about 18 we used to go to this club that was in an old wine cellar and they used to play all sorts of deep funk and psychedelia. They used to be over enthusiastic with the smoke machine and we seriously used to dance ourselves silly. Anyway at the same time I discovered the David Holmes album Bow Down To The Exit Sign. The album was ok but one of the tunes was just fucking rediculous and seemed to encapsulate the term Voodoo Soul so well – you can just picture the video to this being made up of all Gospel women passing out and whirling dervishes and stuff.

Trost – In Desium Raum

David Holmes – Living Room

You can purchase the new Trost album David Holmes stuff from itunes – check Trost on myspace

Hailing from the same town as Los Campesinos, Cardiff, Wales – Yossarian are a really rather good band who maybe sound a little like Explosions In The Sky fronted by Morrissey. The songs are beautifully simple stories about wanting to cuddle a girl or trying to get milk to make tea the morning after being out partying and realising that perhaps you’re invinsible because you have no hangover. If I’d studied English Language perhaps I’d be able to make some interesting statement about the gramatical similarities between Yossarian, Los Campesinos and The Long Blondes but instead just cop these tunes and befriend them on myspace.

Yossarian – Invincible

Yossarian – Koala

There’s more tunes on their myspace and if you ask them nicely they’ll send you a CD of tunes aswell.

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I Love Tuesdays – Check Yo’ Ponytail

August 15, 2006 at 3:35 pm (Future Classic, Live Vicariously, Songs)

Check Yo’ Ponytail is a weekly party hosted by iheartcomix , Love Yourself Records, White Trash Charms and Viva La Rock at a place called Safari Sam’s on Sunset in LA. Now what does it take to make a good party? Good music? Hot people? Great bands? Free booze? Well for me its more about the music and I guess free booze never hurt anyone and hot girls is ok, anyway DJ’s Franki Chan and Brookie D play all sorts of dancefloor indie disco treats to hot girls drinking free beer and they always have great bands. Tonight is Little Wolverines and Moonrats. I really like the Moonrats stuff I’ve heard although I find it really difficult to describe. Their recent songs have been recorded by Ryan Hadlock who has also recorded Rilo Kiley and The Strokes. Anyway you should cop these tunes and check out their myspazz.

Moonrats – Mansion

Moonrats – Goodbye Baby

Oh they also have free icecreams from HeartsChallenger who have beautiful love story on their site and then when you get home you can check it all out on Shadow Scene and relive the party. Isn’t life wonderful sometimes.

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I Love Tuesdays – Blue Label Show

August 15, 2006 at 1:53 pm (Future Classic, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!)

East Vilage Radio is a not for profit radio statio thats been running since 3 and is based ….. in the East Village. Its chock full of good shows including Fat Beats, Fader Magazine and Mark Ronson but my personal favorite is Blue Label Show with Jamal Ali and Evan Baggs. The show is a really nice mix of soul, dub, broken beat, future jazz, hip hop etc and you can get it as a podcast aswell as most of the other shows on the station but it goes out between 2pm-4pm EST (thats 7pm-9pm if you’re in the UK and don’t know your time zones)

Listen To East Village Radio here

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I Love Tuesdays – White Heat

August 15, 2006 at 11:11 am (Future Classic, random, Songs)

White Heat is a really rather cool indie disco that takes place every Tuesday at Madam Jojo’s in London town. With queues generally round the block made up of fashionable indie teens which are usually justified as they have some seriously good bands playing there. I missed You!Say!Party!We!Say!Die! there a while ago and tonight they have Voxtrot and Sunny Day Sets Fire who make pretty indie that sounds like its from Canada but really they’re from London via Rome and Hong Kong. They released Wilderness as a 7″ which is all sold out now. Check their myspace for more info.

Sunny Day Sets Fire – Wilderness

Sunny Day Sets Fire – Lack Of View

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Electro Pop Niceness

August 14, 2006 at 4:07 pm (Future Classic, random, Summer Banger!!!)

A few extra treats for you today. Dead Disco are three girls from Leeds who make Blondie inspired dancefloor schmindie – they have a single coming out soon on Fierce Panda and this is a lovely remix by a French man who I know nothing about! Protokoll are four boys who met in Boston and they make nice synthy dancefloor business that supposedly sounds like Bauhaus (who I’ve never listened to but maybe should). They’ve been getting a lot of love from Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq and they have an album coming out soon on iheartcomix records. Chris Price is one man out of DC who makes electro pop niceness

Dead Disco – Automatic (Raufaust Remix)

Protokoll – Moving Forward (Fury666 Remix)

Chris Price – And She Was

You’ll be able to cop the Dead Disco single from Fierce Panda in September here and you can cop some Chris Price on itunes here Your best bet to cop some Protokoll is to add iheartcomix on myspazz and they’ll let you know whats up.

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