New Ancient Strings

July 28, 2006 at 1:17 am (Classics, random, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

So Toumani Diabate is a Kora payer from Mali, supposedly one of the greatest that has ever lived. I’ll let Wikipedia do the talking but I have a couple of stories. I used to work at a label where he was a frequent visitor and a friend of mine used to tell me stories of him missing a bunch of flights only to turn up at the office a few days later with no possessions other than his Kora slung over his back and not a care in the world. Anyway I recently rocked well to a birthday party out of town where I met a young man who’d recently tripped over to Africa and upon landing in Mali asked the taxi driver to take him to Toumani Diabate and he fucking arrived at his private residence and stayed for 3 weeks. Not only did Toumani put him up but he invited him on stage at a gig – shizz, not only is Toumani one bad ass Kora player but he’s NICE! Anyway so whilst listening to tonights Mahler me and my other friend were chatting about the origins of jazz and house and techno and how the slaves amalgamated European sounds and instrumentation with African rhythm’s and stuff but just listen to this tune and then the Prokefiev tune and tell me whats what – they’re both so amazing – and granted there’s a few hundred years between them but DAYUMS!!!!!!!! Not only is the Romeo and Juliet way ahead of its time but the Toumani tune is as fresh as any riddim this year. In fact FRESHER!!

Toumani Diabate – Kadiatou

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1 Comment

  1. sotiriadou said,

    your story made me smile, talk about hospitality

    anyways, saw the Toumani’s London gig and it was sooo good!!


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