Tu parles Francais?

July 26, 2006 at 2:06 am (random, Songs, techno)

So I was recently in Paris haing a snoop about in Colette where I picked up the new [T]ekel album on Initial Cuts. The album is pretty standard techy electro with the requisite amount of lackadaisical euro accented vocals but Mycose The Night is the sort of driving electro house that can only be listened too around 3am on a motorway. I also picked up a copy of Trax magazine which I thought was French but may actually be Italian – anyway the French version comes with a pretty amazing CD. Since I was digging the [T]ekel the tune that stood out was a long driving clicky electro house tune by Jesse Somfay. Further investigation reveals that he’s from Ontario and produces rediculously long spacey techno soundscapes that last well over an hour. You can get some from Archipel for free. Most of it was too much for me but Faberge is amazing (and normal length) and I also found a remix he’s just for Pablo Akaros, some Spanish techno dude who I don’t know much about but this tune released on Edensonic, a french net label that releases free music. Anyway its nice minimal clicky squeltchy techno.

[T]ekel – Mycose The Night

Jesse Somfay – Faberge

Pablo Akaros – Mikro Punto (Jesse Somfay’s Catkin Bay Remix)

You can purchase the [T]ekel album from Nuloop here. Faberge is Jesse Somfay’s contribution to the Traum released compilation ‘Elektronische Musik – Interkontinental 5’ which you can purchase from Boomkat here


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