Iko Iko

July 26, 2006 at 10:12 pm (Classics, Grumble Grumble, random, Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

So Monsters Are Waiting played last night at Check Yo Ponytail last night in LA. I didn’t get to go what with being stuck in London-on-Sahara but I hear it was great . I really like this band, they seem to be like Explosions in the Sky but with the singer from Sneaker Pimps and the ‘Don’t Go’ tune sounds a little Gwen Stefani but all in a good way. Another band I’ve been listening too a bunch recently is Glass Candy from NY – I love the way that one tune is pure punk rock and the next is weird electro vocoder dub. Amazing. Make sure to cop the non-demo version – tooooooooooo good.

Monsters Are Waiting – Christine

Monsters Are Waiting – Nobody

Monsters Are Waiting – Don’t Go

Glass Candy – Johnny Are You Queer?

Glass Candy – Lovin’ Machine (Demo)

Glass Candy – Lovin’ Machine (Nite Vocoder Version)

You can grab some Monsters Are Waiting music including their debut album at their own online store and go to Crystal Migraine, a band endorsed fan site for more free Glass Candy stuff. If you want to by Glass Candy stuff get out of your house and go to your local indie record store – fresh air is good for you.


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