Mixtape Monday 2

July 24, 2006 at 11:49 pm (Albums, Classics, Grumble Grumble, Mixtape, Summer Banger!!!)

So Mixtape Monday 2 is here an we’ve got a bunch of good shizz. To be honest I’m a little drunk as I lost my day job today so I’m not gonna write anything too lengthy and less links. Paul Devro is one of my favorite DJs and he’s got some good new shitcoming out on Summer Lovers Unlimited. You can check his blog here . Cut Copy seem to be cheering everyone up in the world. I could go on for ever about the Daft Punk set from Coachella – its just fucking amazing, and I WAS THERE muthafuckas. The Zinc mini MEGA mix is redonk. Every fucking classic tune played in 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!! Which I guess leads into the Slipmatt mix – not the best mix to grace a rave tape pack but also pretty solid. Watch this space for future classic rave / jungle mixes. Oh and there’s this girl Lily Allen who you might have heard about and she’s got a couple of mixtapes – they’re pretty good actually. I heard her parents met on myspace and she was born via a blog or something. Oh and the DJs supastar Graeme Sinden made a mix for DJ Magazine – plenty of B’more, Hyphy, Euro Crunk and good bizness. GedditGeddit.

Paul Devro on Radio Zero

Cut Copy – Live at Irving Plaza 4/5/06

Daft Punk Live at Coachella Part 1

Daft Punk Live at Coachella Part 2

DJ Zinc – Mini Mega Mix

DJ Slipmatt – Fantazia New Years Eve 92-93

Lily Allen – My First Mixtape

Lily Allen – Mixtape 2

Graeme Sinden – DJ Magazine Mix

Check out Dem Fluokids for a special Curtis Vodka Mix – cop it here



  1. Flamin Hotz Records said,

    Yo you can cop the Curtis Vodka ep at http://www.flaminhotz.com


  2. Amy said,

    ooh… finally i listen to Paul Devro after you talking him up so long… i like i like!

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