Wilykat Strut

July 19, 2006 at 5:29 pm (Songs, Summer Banger!!!)

Aiiiiiiiii so the new Ratatat album is out in about a month which is very good news indeed. Wildcat which I guess is the new single samples a Cougar or something which makes this the sexiest summer tune so far. I’ve been listening to Cuiziner a bunch recently and there’s one bit on Pour Les Filles where John B Rambo says ‘Oh, thats what your say girl when you see Young Cuiz walking down the streets of Paris with his new hat.’ Anyway I can just picture him stepping out on to the street with his new hat and Wildcat pumping on his headphones. He thinks he’s pretty nice with the ladies so I imagine that when the Cougar sample comes in he does a little claw scratch hand movement at les filles in the street. Watch out ladies, Young Cuiz has a new hat and the new Ratatat tune. Danger!

Ratatat – Wildcat

You’ll be able to buy the album from the XL Recordings shop when it comes out and Dem Fluo Kids have another Ratatat tune to download.


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