Bleep Bleep Bloop Bloop

July 19, 2006 at 5:07 pm (random, Songs)

Gay Against You are a melodic electro punk duo from Glasgow. They may or may not have attended art school but they do have a song about unicorns turning gay and they have an album that will be coming out on Adaadat Records this month. I was listening to them at the same time as Crystal Castles, another electro duo who this time hail from Toronto. Crystal Castles have an EP coming out on Merok, also the home of the mighty Klaxons. Anyway whilst listening to them I was wondering whether the 8bit revolution will ever happen. There are people out there like The Advantage who play covers of Nintendo game tunes and the Video Game Orchestra who do remixes of old game tunes but what we really need is Busta or The Clipse spitting pure fire over Golden Axe or the Mario World tune. Or maybe a Spank Rock remix of Out Run featuring Roots Manuva – hot dayums I’d buy that for a dollar.

Gay Against You – Gay Unicorn

Gay Against You – teleRAD

Crystal Castles – Air

Crystal Castles – xxzxczx

The Advantage – Mario Blaster Master (live)

Video Game Orchestra – Golden Axe Level 1 (remake)

Video Game Orchestra – Super Mario World Bonus Round (remake)

Outrun – Magical Sound Shower (original C64 version)



  1. alex said,

    hello! can you re-upload the xxzxczx music of crystal castles?? the link’s dead. e-mail me please when it’s done….

  2. Sourisseau said,

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