Lost Penguin

July 16, 2006 at 10:35 pm (random)

Lost Penguin are officially my favorite new band – energetic, shouty, shambolic and amazing. I can’t remember their names so we’ll have to do with the info from their myspace page which says that the two boys are called Pengu and Pingu and that the female front woman goes by the name of Toga. The first time I saw them was at a pub on Hoxton St and everyone in the club was about 10 years younger than me, all stick thin art school kids with their fashions and what not. The other bands were pretty lame that night, shouty noise that no one danced to. Then Lost Penguin came on – the lead singer, who is tiny, bounced around the stage like she couldn’t quite decide which direction to take and occasionally jumped off it to find herself lying on the floor from where she proceeded to spinny slide around and carry on with the songs. They’ve been thrown in the Neu Rave pidgin (penguin) hole but they’re really just arty electro noise pop with catchy songs about fucking about at amusement parks and ice cream man dads. Whereas all the other bands that night just noised around boring everyone the Penguins put on a proper show and to top that off they actually have great songs (allbeit slightly rediculous songs) Get some.

Lost Penguin – Mr Whippy

Lost Penguin – Mr Whippy (Da Peckham Re-Squinx)

Lost Penguin – Pleasurewood Kills

Their first 7″ will be coming out in mid-august on Pop Disc Records who don’t seem to have a website at the moment but you can check them on myspace. The 7″ will consist of fully mastered versions of Mr Whippy and Disco Dazzler as the A-side and the Matthew !WOWOW! resquinx as the B-side.



  1. doneit1 said,

    Is it possible to renew these links or send me one? I’m dying to get the Mr. Whippy.

  2. chris owen said,

    you so need to re-upload matthew’s remix of this pleeeease?

  3. garyD said,

    not sure about that…

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