I’m a snitch bitch!

July 14, 2006 at 5:47 pm (random, Songs)

So I was walking home last night listening to some old dancehall / bashment tunes and thinking how funny I must have looked when I was 17. I fucking loved driving around in my car blasting out last weeks Chris Goldfinger mix or some Jungle mixtape. The only funny thing is that this was Norwich, I’m sort of a posh white kid and my VW Golf has no rims or added extras – here are my two favorite tunes on the Showtime riddim from back then.

Rayvon and Red Foxx – Bashment Party

Wayne Wonder – Searchin Dem Searchin

So then I’m at home in bed reading the reallyrathergood New Yorker article about Hot 97 being evicted, Gravy being shot or perhaps not and the whole snitchin malarky when I hear some screams from outside my window. Long story short some kids were beating up some other kids, I called the police and then had to give a statement last night and then again this morning. Turns out it was some brother upset with his sister’s choice of boyfriend – anyway here is my favorite new Busta tune and little topical treat.

Busta Rhymes ft Stevie Wonder – Been Through The Storm

Low Budget and Aaron La Crate – Stop Snitchin

So in the article it says about the shoot out that Lil Kim was in and something about how there were 9 weapons used including a Tek fucking machine gun. Now I’ve listened to hip hop since I was 12 and even had a Desert Eagle pulled on me when I was 14 (it had been decommissioned but I didn’t find that out until the cunt had loaded it and fucking pulled the trigger!) but people running around the streets with machine guns!!! What the fuck!! Anyway this is my favorite Red Rat tune must be the ‘mid-nineties house’ riddim.

Red Rat – Bizzi Bizzi Blazzi

Get the new Busta from Amazon here, they also have the Low Budget Aaron La Crate Baltimore Gutter Mixtape and I think its loal record shop diggin for the bashment tunes.


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  1. nic said,

    this red rat biscuit is the shit. thanks for posting!

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