New Danger Mouse and Jemini

July 13, 2006 at 5:22 pm (Uncategorized)

So Ghetto Pop Life literally didn’t leave my discman (yeah I still didn’t have pod in 03) for about 3 months. My love affair with Lex Records began around that time when they released the first Hymie’s Basement album. Such amazing tunes coupled with the best artwork ever. Anyway LEX posted a tune from the new album and while skipping through my pod this morning I stumbled across the tune that Danger Mouse sampled for it. Mahmoud Ahmed is one of my favourite Ethiopian jazz dudes along with Mulatu Astatqe and Muluqhn Mhllhssh. Anyway here they are

Danger Mouse and Jemini – Knuckle Sandwich 2

Mahmoud Ahmed – Lomiwen Tèqèbèlètch

You can buy the Mahmoud from Amazon here (in fact you should get the whole Ethiopiques collection) and the Danger Mouse and Jemini will be available from Bleep here when it comes out later in the fall.


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